Tea’s Got a Brand New Bag.

Innovative technology and designs are giving a different shape to teatime


SERIOUS TEA DRINKERS HAVE ALWAYS Known that the perfect cup comes form loose leaves. Traditional tea bags may offer tidiness and convenience, but the taste is often lacking. The thickness of the bag means the tea inside must be ground until it is little more than dust, and when wet, the bag collapses onto itself, preventing the water form circulating through the leaves enough for a proper brew. But as interest in tea-drinking rises- U.S. tea sales have quadrupled in the past 10 years and are expected to grow from $6 billon in 2005 to $10 billion by 2010-tea steeping innovations combining the best of both worlds (the flavor of leaf tea the ease of a bag) are coming onto the market, changing the look and taste of a tea break.
Tea sticks Perforated foil holders from petit Tea are filled with loose-leaf tea and serve as both strainer and stirrer
Pyramid-shaped bags
Tea Forte’s
Tea-Over-Ice system flash-chills tea that’s freshly brewed from a silken conelike infuser
Flowering tea Numi Organic Tea’s hand-sewn buds taste good and look great as they blossom when hot water is added
TIME April7, 2008