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Prasun Prasun Banerjee
Design Head
Prasun is our Creative Head. He was in physics and later chose graphics as a more emotion satisfying option. Started designing career in 1987 and served a lot of clients of different geography for different media. He contributed for several national and international award-winning projects and got a handful of accolades. Prefers rum, cartoon and cricket when no client is around.

Location: Bangalore
DoB: 29 Dec 1966

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Arundhati Arundhati Bhattacharya
Language Specialist
Arundhati is a professor of Spanish language in Doon University and her academic aroma influences us like anything. Her depth in languages contributes a lot in communicating LAM. She had got her 2 Masters in literature - one from Calcutta University and the other from EFLU Hyderabad. A true follower of Tagore, regular writer and classics translator with several publications.

Location: Dehradun
DoB: 30 May 1968

On 23rd Feb 2016 Arundhati's talk on The International Mother Language Day was broadcasted by a Venezuelan Radio Station.
Arundhati Sabyasachi Chowdhury
Graphic Designer
Sabyasachi completed Graduation from Calcutta University and have a very good experience in pre-press. He is in charge of converting designs to Vector Artworks. Sabya is very much in trekking and books.

Location: Kolkata
DoB: 04 Aug 1973
Sukanta Sukanta Das
Web Designer
Sukanta is a bachelor of Computer Since and responsible for developing master user interfaces using latest technologies. He majorly lives in the virtual world and keeps himself truly updated. He likes to travel a lot but serious concern is hair loss.

Location: Bhubaneswar
DoB: 06 June 1979
Rama Rama Nair
Web Designer
Rama is a BCA and responsible for the web maintenance projects. Her flawlessness is of amazing level. She likes musics, cartoons and animals. Rama is looking for learning Guitar.

Location: Bangalore
DoB: 06 Feb 1988
Fathimunnisa Fathimunnisa
Graphic Designer
Fathimunnisa holds a Diploma in Printing Technology. She is in constant process of creating reusable components for our pre-press bank. Beware, she likes to watch WWE, and her favorite wrestler is The Dead Man (Under Taker).

Location: Bangalore
DoB: 27 Dec 1990
Nilabja Nilabja Kanti Banerjee
Copy Writer
Nilabja is a metal singer and song-writer. Pursuing his Masters in History in Presidency University, Kolkata. He writes his songs, which are well appreciated internationally. Got his own band - Deadbolt. Only prohibition is he can't use the f-word for our projects.

Location: Kolkata
DoB: 26 Sept 1993
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